With over 15 years experience working in eCommerce as developers, marketers and clients, we’ve used countless online retail platforms, but none has quite caught our imaginations like Magento. It has become one of our core tools. When you take us on, you don’t just access our expertise, but our developers’ library with its ever expanding collection of pre-built modules ready to plug in, cutting back expensive development time.

Launched in 2007, Magento has gone from strength to strength becoming one of the most popular eCommerce platforms for both developers and online retailers alike. Our first experience with Magento came in 2010 when we were contracted to completely rebuild RED5’s website from the ground up, speed, usability and aesthetics being the core pillars of the brief. Since then, we’ve been able to implement a host of improvements on the site, with practically no downtime – and all using Magento’s free of charge community edition.

Most platforms would focus almost exclusively on their paid-for platforms, but time and time again Magento has implemented updates that completely revolutionise back and front end development. Combined with a burgeoning and prolific open source community that constantly pushes the platform to the limit, it’s a developer’s dream to work on.

It’s also incredibly user friendly, whether you’re a small retailer or an international giant. Reporting, inventory management and merchandising allow you to maximise your sales and customer base, with no penalties for expansion, and a responsive front end that looks fantastic on every device.

Some Magento sites we’ve built